The weekend is calling which can only mean one thing, it’s time to party. And famed electronic producer Felix Cartal has just the song to accompany you on your hedonistic adventures, as he releases his new cut “Nothing Good Comes Easy”.

Recruiting the ethereal singer-songwriter Elohim for the project, the producer ensures that his latest release has a syrupy core, as listeners are sure to become enchanted by the vocals they consume. But while the singer-songwriter’s angelic tone may allude to this being a mellow cut, it is anything but, as Felix’s renowned pulsating beats and energising production come crashing into fruition, culminating in a party anthem worthy of the name. With intimate sounds clashing with wholly consuming ones on this track, it becomes a cut of blended perfection, sure to have you gracing the dancefloor this weekend.

When discussing the recent linkup, Felix explained, “Elohim has this incredible voice that feels beautifully intimate, it makes you feel like she’s in the room with you. Her tone was something I wanted to work with throughout the song, so I fought very hard to keep the whole thing feeling minimal. For that reason, the entire drop is built out of random vowel sounds from her voice in an effort to keep that intimate feeling alive. I’m always trying to create production that best compliments the vocalist and keep the original emotion intact. This track is haunting and I love it.”