Irish R&B talent Erica Cody delivers lush soundscapes wrapped up in messages of self-love on new EP “Love & Light”, a five-track collection underpinned by her sultry vocals interwoven with nostalgic 90s vibes. Undoubtedly the most vulnerable samplings of Cody’s music, the EP is a stark representation of Cody’s uplifting outlook infusing light into the darkest moments.

Cody writes a love letter to herself as she opens with the title track, the pulsing beats and her husky voice pushing her — and us – off on a journey towards healing. Where she channels the pain of goodbyes and separation on the layered production of “Good in Goodbye,” she leans into the simplicity encompassed in loving people within the soaring sonics of “Back to Basics.”

Channelling vulnerability and strength in equal parts, Cody’s signature sleek 90s R&B sound forms the crux of the EP which she describes as an ode to “those we are closest to but are finding difficult to love the most.” She establishes her vocal versatility moving seamlessly from the unapologetic seductiveness and anthemic beats of “Queen,” which encourages each and every single person to be complete themselves, to the soulful romanticism and delicate, slow-build soundscape of final track “Gratitude.” With an ability to keep things fresh and surprising in each track even as a cohesive thread of smooth instrumentals stretch through the tracks, enrapture Cody’s listeners from beginning to end as she explores intimate yet relatable themes of love, boundaries and more with poetic ease.

Quickly proving herself to be consistent artistic framed by sonic growth, Cody who has always enjoyed immense success with her music is poised for stardom with Love & Light as the stunning elegance and unbridled power of her voice propels her forward on her path as one of Ireland’s most promising musicians.