It’s finally Friday, and nothing gets us in the mood quite like dance-floor classics. Dropping their club-ready anthem “Do It All Again”, UK duo Punctual waste no time setting our earphones alight with their high-energy tunes. With infectious notes and toe-tapping beats in tow, the track is reminiscent of the songs you crave at the height of a night out — when you could either go home or party harder. Pumping every bar with electrifying R&B rhythms, “Do It All Again” showcases Punctual and Jordan Shaw as a match made in heaven, and earns a respectable spot on all of our playlists.

Having a natural flair for performance, the duo have now played at Glastonbury, Tomorrowland, Fabric and Ministry of Sound, and are now in the works to create another batch of music to get pulses raising more than any of their previous work put together.

Now known as radio darlings as well as dance floor authorities and production masters, Punctual have started 2022 with a punch, and we cannot wait for the night to come so we can immerse ourselves in their club-ready roots.