While we all love to belt our hearts out along to the sounds of the unforgettable lyrics that lace some of our favourite tracks, sometimes getting lost in the consuming sounds of a masterful instrumental piece is a calming and wholly necessary experience. And, should you be looking to do that, contemporary virtuoso duo AVAWAVES’ new cut “Awakening” is just the thing for you. Taken from their new album, Chrysalis, Anna Phoebe and Aisling Brouwer serve up a cacophony of sounds, including the melancholic ring of the piano and the twang of violin strings, resulting in an atmospheric track sure to transport listeners away from the qualms of the real world.

And, while the track itself is a beautiful thing to behold, its accompanying music video makes it all the more special. Standing as an ode to the wonders of skating, dancer Kadija Kamara is called upon to enchant viewers with her fluid moves and emotional interpretation of the track’s sound.

“I picked up skating the summer of 2019, as I didn’t have much to do. All events and major music projects had been put on hold or cancelled due to the pandemic. I wasn’t feeling very motivated about making music at home at the time. And without much to do, I felt a little empty without being able to express myself creatively. I always wanted to skate in previous years but never had the chance to. So, there I was with a lot of time on my hands; this was the start of something great and new for me. I’ve met some great people in the community and through this new friendships and bonds have been made! We all found a common feeling through skating, the feeling of freedom and self-expression which most creatives gain from their main art.”

Head below to listen to “Awakening”…