When it comes to artists currently causing a stir in the music scene, no one’s name springs to mind faster than Eden Rain’s.

With the infectious alt-pop tracks “Rent In The City” and “Being Human” standing as the British artist’s debut projects, ones that saw her gain a rapidly growing following and widespread recognition, it became evident that she had set herself on a path to industry domination. And, the next stop on that path? It is the release of “Sugar Baby”.

Boldly portraying the sometimes-taboo topic of dating for money, the talent looks to empower women with witty-yet-raw lyricism with her new track, all the while ensuring it is a treat for the ears thanks to the feature of her melodic tone and sweet-sounding and synth-heavy production.

When speaking on her new track, the artist stated, “‘Sugar Baby’ was written after listening to a friend’s experiences of being a sugar baby and dating for money. It’s an eye-opening world that I observed for a while. I wanted to play with the phrase ‘fuck bitches get money’ and turn it into something where the women are in control. Especially in these situations, the women are often perceived to be ‘fucked up’, but my friend sees herself as taking control of her own life and the situation she is in. I still definitely worry about my friend and want her to be safe and happy, especially as these relationships have a unique dynamic, so I wanted that to come across in the verses of the song, while the chorus is her saying yes girl! get that money! Fuck the patriarchy!”

To listen to “Sugar Baby”, head below…