Breaking out on her own with her first self-directed solo project is alt-pop artist Emeline with her new video for “6 Foot Deep”. Venturing into the infamous Westerfeld Mansion for the video, Emeline takes us around the eerie victorian setting with gothic satanic etchings and lion scratches at every corner. With her new single guiding us through the haunted house, the singer’s light-hearted tune sets us at ease and adds a gentle touch to the video.

Speaking to us on the filming process, Emeline revealed, “We got the opportunity to film and stay inside the infamous Westerfeld Mansion, which brought ‘6 Foot Deep’ to life magically. In the video, I am playing one woman character and three men that she is haunted by in her memories around her mansion. The Westerfeld Mansion is known for being one of the only victorian houses left on the West Coast and for its incredible history. ”

Known for her sharp-tongue lyricism, the singer pulls on inspiration from a variety of genres for her sound, as she reflects this in various projects that she has undertaken. With more music to come in early 2021 alongside a string of more self-directed music videos, we’re excited for what else the singer has yet to pull out the bag.

Check out the video below…