We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling of leaving a relationship, where you’re riddled with guilt for all the things you could have said and done. Sofia Karlberg perfectly encapsulates those yearnings in her brand new single, “Hate My Guts,” which explores life’s many blunders in love. Her latest ballad is the first from her upcoming sophomore EP, which is set for release soon.

“Fear of commitment and having trouble letting people in is something I’ve had problems with for as long as I can remember,” reflects Karlberg. “I wrote the song together with two of my closest friends not only as an apology to those who I shut out but also as a reason to open up and let myself in, which makes the song really special to me.”

The Swedish singer has previously garnered attention from her reinterpretations of Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” and Chainsmokers’ “Paris” – both of which helped her amass 2 million subscribers on YouTube. Since then, her 2019 debut EP, “Spotless Mind,” has gone on to log more than 1.5 billion streams. We look forward to seeing what Karlberg does next!

Head below to listen to “Hate My Guts” …