At the tender age of 21, Lili Aslo, aka Knife Girl, has been making waves in music thanks to her alternative approach to music. And now, in a bid to ensure that her domination of the industry continues, the talent unveils her newest EP, “OONA”.

As breathtaking as it is commanding, the EP’s sound, which is perfectly embodied by lead track “Angel”, is atmospheric at its core. Thanks to the feature of whirling and synth-infused production and tender vocals, the EP becomes a project that will render listeners in their feels and deeply moved. And, with the project taking its name from the artist’s former alter-ego, it becomes clear that we are being offered an introspective insight into the artist’s world.

When speaking on the production at the heart of “OONA”, Knife Girl claims that it is “a vehicle for a new pop-oriented sound, an expression of a different kind of music, as well as an idea that plays with different concepts of identity and gender.”

Listen to “OONA” below…