Pop is about to get a new princess, and her name is Sofi Vonn. Born in New York, the quickly-rising artist made the move to London, the city from which she penned her latest single, “Is It a Crime”. And, what better way to celebrate the release of your latest piece of work than to drop an acoustic version of it? With the gentle strum of the acoustic guitar setting a mellow tone of the updated song, Sofi’s bold sound takes centre stage as she delivers a message on the painful intricacies of seeking out a meaningful relationship. And, thanks to the track being stripped back to its core, the talent’s soul is laid bare as those who hear the re-worked cut are encouraged to connect with her on a deeper level.

When speaking on her new single, the artist stated, “I wanted to make a stripped-down version of the song as I thought it would give it more meaning. I love the original record, but the acoustic brings me back to when I wrote it last fall and makes me realise how far I’ve come since. My friend Brien Allen really helped bring this to life with his amazing guitar skills. We’re very excited for this release!”

And, while “Is it a Crime” is a beautiful introduction to Sofi’s sound, that is not where the artist plans on stopping when it comes to new releases. With a debut EP on the way, new fans of the artist can look forward to an introspective pop project filled with the perfect blend of “deep house influenced dance tracks and pop melodies,” which will be unveiled by the end of the year.