Thursday is here, and that means one thing, the weekend is calling. And, if like us, you are gearing up for a few days off spent letting loose, Ana Kohler’s track “Toxic Behaviour” is for you. Boasting a groove-inducing bass and Ana’s sensual tone, the track is undeniably party-ready. But, while electric in sound, with lyrics steeped in the trials of unhealthy relationships lying at the track’s core, it gains a subtly defiant-yet-sombre tone.

“I wrote ‘Toxic Behaviour’ not only for myself, even though I am of course processing my own story here, but for everyone who has ever been in a toxic relationship,” explains Ana. “Be it with an (ex-)partner or a friend. It is never nice and incredibly difficult to get out of such a situation. The song is about the need to always want to return because you love so strongly, but it’s just not healthy anymore.”

While Ana has proved herself as a songstress worthy of the name, this is not the multi-facets only successful foray into the creative industry. Also a successful content creator boasting over 450k followers on Instagram and a dreamy aesthetic, the star on the rise proves that she is shooting herself straight towards the helm of both the social and music industries.