We’ve all felt some aspect of loneliness during this pandemic. Lack of physical touch, everlasting uncertainty and loss of social interaction have gripped us firmly and left us feeling sometimes downcast and low-spirited at times. Depicting all these emotions felt during the global pandemic with her latest country-tinged single is Jenny JAM with “Big Lonely Cloud”. Slowly ushering us in with a thumping hard-hitting bassline, the singer introduces us to her trauma and daily struggles, before exploding at the chorus with thunderous guitars and powerhouse vocals. Filmed during the COVID lockdown in Los Angeles, Jenny takes advantage of the urban landscape for her video and creates an empty atmosphere that brings the song to life.

“We wanted to recreate that feeling using whatever we had available,” filmmakers Ladies Dewald revealed. “We used iPhones and a lot of plastic wrap! The strong lyrics and fierce beat inspired us to make the video in stylistic homage to the heyday of MTV, the 1990s.”

Often inspiring others to believe in their hopes and themselves during tough times, the London-born singer delivers an authentic message to her audience and lets us know we are not alone.

Check out Jenny’s video below now…