Making his solo debut with his new reggaeton single is So Solid Crew member, Vvs1 with “El Fuego”. Blending not only cultures but languages too, the artist brings two generations of music together with an infectious production and flowing vocals. Displaying five different flows throughout the track, the artist boasts his versatility and brings the energetic nature of the beat to life. Accompanied by a video filmed at Camden’s Shaka Zulu, Vvs1 holds nothing back as he brings the heat with sword-wielding belly dancers and fire tamers.

“We’re all getting bored of the same sounding tracks with the same kind of street vibe & flow all talking negativity,” Vvs1 reveals. “Our message is all about the positive vibes and making people dance to a beat that they can actually feel.”With two new singles due for release in coming months, the artist is quickly becoming a one to watch with appearances at Future Movement Festival and at various UK shows – watch this space.Check out the single below…