Summarising 2020 can be challenging – depressing, difficult and unprecedented are just a few words that come to mind for us. But putting it into simpler terms are burgeoning newcomers Abbie and The Roses with “Next To Me”. Effortlessly combining heart-warming lyricism with ethereal harmonies, the group pull us into an alt-pop soundscape, where subtle echos and smooth guitars fill the voids. Crooning over the dreamy production, lead vocalist Abbie expresses the impact quarantine has had on them and how they connected during these times.

“Nearly a year has passed since the first U.K. lockdown began and as we head into our third we felt the time was right to release ‘Next to me’…” Abbie and The Roses explain. “This song is a true expression of the impact it had on us during our time in quarantine, we hope that people can find a comforting connection during these unprecedented times.”

First landing on our radar three years ago with their otherworldly debut single “All The Time”, the group have been evolving their sound, progressively getting more raw and honest in their songs. With more soul-stirring tunes, locked and ready to go, the group are expecting to do big things this year.

Check out the single below…