Globally renowned band, End of the World have awarded themselves great success with the release of projects such as Chameleon. And now, in the name of continuing on with their upwards trajectory, the 4-piece collective is hoping to send fans straight into their feels with their new single, “In My Dream”.

A melancholy cut, sure to have listeners transported into a realm filled with sad girl vibes, “In My Dream” oozes an infectious torment, perfect for when you are gearing up for one of those very necessary crying sessions. With a romantic piano lying at the heart of the track’s instrumentation and the collective’s other-worldly vocals taking centre stage, the release becomes a stunning example of their limitless potential.

And, what better way to set the moving tone of their new project than with the release of an accompanying music video? Picking a desolate desert as their backdrop, the band put on a cinematic display as they wandered through rocky terrain, all the while belting out the captivating lyrics of the new tune. With their new project standing as a welcomed reminder of End of the World’s raw musical talent, it is safe to say that we can continue to expect big things from them.

Listen to “In My Dream” below…