When it comes to dominating the music industry, no one is doing it quite like Grace Davies. A talented songstress whose rise to the helm of the music industry has seen her gain an endless string of loyal followers, Grace has made a name for herself with the release of stellar tracks such as “i met a boy online” and “testosterone”. And now, in a bid to continue on with her winning streak, the artist unveils the hotly-anticipated tune, “roots”. Heavenly in tone, the emotion-drenched cut hopes to enchant listeners from the get-go as the gentle sounds of classical violins and the trickle of piano wash over the artist’s powerhouse vocals. Boasting a sound synonymous with a smash hit, it is no wonder why Grace’s adoring fans have been requesting the release of “roots” since its live debut four years ago.

When speaking on the track, Grace claimed, “I wrote this song in early 2017 and to say I’m only just releasing it now is wild, considering I really feel like this song changed my life. I wrote ‘roots’ alone in my living room of my new house when I first moved away from my hometown down to London to do music full time – and ‘roots’ is very much about that. I was so in love with where I was and where I was heading, and this song poured out of me in about 30 minutes. It captures the essence of how I was feeling; excited, apprehensive and yet empowered.”

And, the only thing that could possibly make the track better? Accompanying the captivating cut is a haunting music video featuring the scenes of Grace embroiled in an emotional rendition of “roots” and basking in the haze of flickering candles and neon lighting whilst sheltered by a pastel dollhouse.

Head below to listen to “roots”…