One artist that is sure to get you on your feet this week is Emergency Tiara with her eccentric new single “OMG”. From the ear-worming production to the refined and clean-cut vocals, the artist takes us into uncharted terrority for her new single and brings both the world of fashion and animation to the table. While the singer’s honeyed vocals are complemented by a light-hearted melody, “OMG” lays a carpet for her fierce battle cry — a welcomed change that perfectly depicts the artist’s mission to empower others.

On the crafting of the single and its video, the NYC-based musician tells us, “I wanted to write a song about the joyful and sweet feelings of when you meet someone with whom you can finally be comfortably yourself to the fullest! I don’t need attention, I need connection babes. We worked on the music video right after many of us got fully vaccinated in April/May 2020 and still weren’t sure of what was “safe” to do. So in order to minimise the number of the people involved, the director Russell Lee Cramer, my one and only, and I decided to make an animated dance video with a group of talented animators with John as a lead animator and my dear friend/dance teacher/choreographer Olivia Cipolla. I am beyond excited for everyone to watch this amazing video with so many hidden details to keep you excited even after watching it 100 times! Making this video once again reminded me of how lucky I am to have such a talented group of team around me including all of the ET fans who have been so supportive of us!”

Creating a unique blend of old school bop with experimental pop baked through, “OMG” serves as the perfect stepping stone for Emergency Tiara’s stratospheric career — and has us all thoroughly dancing into the weekend.

Head below to watch…