There is nothing we love more than a total display of female emancipation — and for this, Claudia Bouvette has no chill. Offering a teaser of what’s to come in her debut album The Paradise Club, she releases “Douchebag”, an ethereal and triumphant track that sheds the artist of the bounds of her past. With an intimate accompanying music video, Claudia get up close and personal with her fans. Beginning the visual being tied to a desk by ropes, the music eventually carries her away into a state of liberating freedom. “Douchebag” comes equipped with a symphonic melody, immersive choreography and moving lyrics. Gently singing a story of control, heartache and manipulation, Claudia slowly finds resolution within herself as the song continues, finally standing up for herself, and leaving the past behind her.

Soleil Denault, who directed the addictive visual, explains that “Douchebag is a pure expression of healing and empowerment”. This is not only emulated in the undeniable confidence witnessed from Claudia as she belts out her fighting song, but also by the rich symbolism which the video effortlessly portrays.

With the single leaving Claudia Bouvette stronger and more powerful than ever before, the anticipation for The Paradise Club is officially at its highest. Starting a new chapter for the artist, the full length album is set for release in May 2022 via Bonsound, and will continue to inspire others to move from moments of distress to raw empowerment.

To watch the music video for “Douchebag”, scroll below…