It’s true what they say, Thursday is the new Friday. With this in mind, and Thursday fast approaching, we are looking to offer you the sounds of the party. Enter singer-songwriter PRINS and her electric new track “Midnight Calling”.

With the surge of an energising bass running through the track’s core, listeners will instantly be swept off of their feet and catapulted towards the dance floor as groove-inducing beat drops and hints of 80s funk lace the new electronic cut, situating it as a club anthem worthy of the name. And with defiant lyricism dreamed up by PRINS, also known as Alannah Prins, providing an infectiously empowering energy, the track promises to become a fan favourite headed towards repeat.

Accompanying the track is a set of vibrant visuals in which a robotic figure, complete with piercing purple eyes, emerges from billowing folds of stormy clouds, adding the theatrics to an already explosive project. Sure to be taking the dance-pop world by storm whilst building on her already plentiful collection of streams and followers, it is clear that PRINS is an artist that you should not be sleeping on.