With the way beauty standards are set up, it’s difficult for some to feel beautiful and accepted by society. One scroll through Instagram and immediately you bombarded with society’s perception of beauty and what it means to be accepted, leaving many to question if they are they enough? Addressing all these emotions in her latest empowering song is burgeoning newcomer Tolu with “You Are Enough”. Fusing elements of soul with alt-pop, Tolu’s silky powerhouse vocals glide over the production creating a dreamy and captivating soundscape. Using her voice to empower and motivate those feeling low, the singer belts out, “You are enough / Love yourself more” over the chorus, before leading us into a fierce guitar solo with thunderous drums.

Accompanied by a black and white video shot last year in the November lockdown, Tolu shows us her dancing and acting prowess, with an American drill-inspired dance break that sees the whole cast having fun.

Director Martina Mc Glynn opened up on the video, explaining, “One of the great joys of any production is the energy that comes from collaborating. Tolu is one of the most exciting voices breaking through in the Irish music scene so to have this opportunity to work with her was very special. I’m drawn to her voice and lyrics and I really wanted to capture her striking presence on the streets of the town where she grew up. In many ways, the video is  a snapshot of the beginning, starting in a small town with big dreams of finding the confidence to achieve anything you want.”

Watch the video below now…