Friday’s are for the music. And, with what is officially deemed as release day upon us, it is only fair that we put you on to some of our favourite tracks taking over streaming services today, starting with VØR’s “Can’t Move”.

An atmospheric cut sure to enchant, the ethereal artist lends her soft-yet-powerhouse vocals to the new song, which boasts a pulsating bass with the capability to pierce the soul. Complete with a haunting music video from which the artist serenades viewers whilst situated in a darkened forest, we are invited into VØR’s realm once more, a place sure to render you spellbound. And, while impressive as a solo release, “Can’t Move” stands as a piece of a much larger project. With the new track hacked straight from the artist’s LP-length release, “Honey”, it is fair to assume this is the first of many captivating cuts we can expect from them this year.

When speaking on the upcoming release, VØR explained, “There is no fixed topic on ‘Honey’, in some songs I observe my innermost and share it. My fears, my depression, or what it was like to grow up with someone who is an alcoholic. In other songs, I share my observations and become a kind of magnifying glass for the listener. I address topics that are considered a taboo and that can also hurt – if you take a closer look.”

Head below to listen to “Can’t Move”…