Ever since her last single “Rosé”, we’ve been anxiously waiting for a follow-up single, project, anything from the singer – and finally we’ve been blessed an acoustic version of the single. Stripping back the vibrant and infectious original pop melody, the singer bares all and lets us take in her commanding vocals, one guitar string at a time. Perfectly capturing the essence of summer with her laidback vocals and production, the singer is bringing the heat with her latest single and we’re already feeling like this could be a summer anthem.

“I wanted to do an acoustic version of ‘Rosé’ for a couple of reasons,” Loop revealed. “First and foremost, because my fans really wanted one! And what they want they get! And also because I hadn’t released anything acoustic for some time and I knew that a stripped back version would really highlight the sensual, romantic lyrics of ‘Rosé’. Whilst I want the original to be the song you add to your Summer ’21 poolside playlist, I want the acoustic version to be the song you add to your Summer ’21 hotel room playlist…”

With the singer also dropping her latest single “I’ll Get Better” last week, we hope another project or album is on the way as summer is fast approaching and we need more music for our playlist.

Check out the single below…