Forget 2021, we’re going back 80s with alt-pop duo Dreampark leading the way. Creating their own genre of nostalgia-pop, the Liverpool-hailed band draw us to a dreamy world filled with psychedelic rhythms and soothing vocals for their single “Time Machine”. Combining this with a heavy dose of youthful emotion, the group create an atmospheric single that leaves you in a trance.

Opening up on the release, the dup explained, “’Time Machine’ is about time, relationships and our relationship with time. What if we could travel in time and how would it affect our memories? In the end, ‘Time Machine’ is about the irrelevance of time in the magnificent living experience of making meaningful memories.

Aiming to create an instant memory with the track, the single is reminiscent of their first EP, “Summer Storm”, as it bursts the same calming energy and feel-good vibes. Setting their sights beyond the stratosphere for 2021, the group are tipped to make a big return – watch this space.

Check out the single below..