A conversation with Calista about “Metallic Taste”

Q: Hi! “Metallic Taste” is a captivating and intriguing title for a song. Can you share the inspiration behind choosing this title and how it relates to the overall theme or message of the song?

A: This song approaches a serious subject: violence against women, both physical and psychological. I wanted to talk about this topic by singing to make it stop being a taboo subject But I didn’t want to do something too sad about the rhythm of the music, because I want to leave a message of hope and say that there is no fatality in this kind of situation. Writing on a serious subject with a catchy and powerful rhythm was the challenge. I even find this song rather mocking, there is a kind of warning against some men.

Q: What was the creative process like when writing “Metallic Taste”? Did you start with a specific idea or concept, or did it evolve organically during the songwriting process?

A: The music, I had it in mind for a long time but no words came to me in mind, I was not inspired. Not long after, the lyrics of the chorus also came quickly to me, because at the time (I was about ten years old) I heard a lot of things around me and on the news about violence and female suffering. I was still under construction and I was shocked by some things. Then I put this composition aside because I was missing something. It was only years later that I was able to finish the text in a few hours. I remember very well my state of mind when I wrote “Metallic taste”. I was pretty upset but sad at the same time. The anger was still stronger. I let you guess why….. When you feel things and are honest with yourself the composition becomes obvious. So I would say that “Metallic taste” was built in two stages with a few years difference between the two constructions. I didn’t want to write to write, I had to feel it.

Q: The lyrics in “Metallic Taste” evoke strong emotions and sensory experiences. Can you delve into the meaning behind the lyrics and the story or narrative that the song conveys?

A: I think everyone understood the meaning of that song. That completes your first question, that is to say, that I do not want this subject of society to become a banality and even less a fatality. There are still many women who do not speak out of fear, or they know that the existing protection measures are insufficient and that their problem can worsen by denouncing violence. The lyrics are dark but the rhythm makes you want to dance and that’s what I wanted, hope in the dark, that’s what I want to convey, there is still a lot to do, also on the psychological grip, psychological violence. Maybe this song will help some women react, I have no idea of the impact of “Metallic taste”, I am an independent artist, and I have no impact on the current music scene, But I’m thinking that this song can go into a concerned woman’s ear and it’ll help her ask the right questions.

Q: Were there any specific musical or artistic influences that inspired the creation of “Metallic Taste”? How did these influences shape the sound and direction of the song?

A: For the choice of instruments and the rhythm of the music I wanted to mix the musical genres, a mix of rock ‘n’ roll , country rock , blues rock , to bring a note of mockery to the music and soothe the sad lyrics. Two artists inspired me: the French band Indochine with “l’aventurier” and Chris Isaak with “Blue hotel”. When I listen to these two songs I manage to capture two moods and that’s what I wanted , sadness and hope .

Q: Can you share any interesting or memorable anecdotes from the recording or production of “Metallic Taste”? Were there any particular challenges you faced during the process and how did you overcome them?

A: Metallic taste is my first video. It was the first time I had to face a camera and in front of so many people. It was the first time I played the main character. It was really hard, I had to manage my stress. I couldn’t do some of the things that are usually common to me. For example at the end I have to wink with one eye but impossible on the shooting , I winked both at the same time . It was necessary to repeat several times, a torture . It was also the first time I wore a wedding dress, strange sensation ….. The passion and the will to make my music known helped me to overcome the looks. Today it’s much better, I find it amusing

Q: “Metallic Taste” showcases your vocal abilities and emotional range. How did you prepare for the vocal performance and how did you convey the intended emotions through your singing?

A: Before the vocal performance, as far as I’m concerned, I need to believe in the subject I’m defending, otherwise it doesn’t work or very badly. I need to feel the things I sing. Then, when I’m in the recording studio, I have to give myself a bit of preparation time, I have to create my own envelope, my bubble. I must have the state of mind I’m looking for. Sometimes before arriving in the studio, you just get angry with someone or you are anxious by a problem, it is not good for me . I must feel the text well or my interpretation is bad. You have to know how to detach from external emotions . So there’s a time for that. At the time of the recording, I was sick and it lasted a while, my voice was broken,I kept recording the music but the voice was not good , I quickly got angry, I lost patience …. Finally we stopped recording and I gave myself time to come back with my voice. It motivated me even more. We were looking for a slight note of aggression for the first verse and the waiting allowed me to come back and sing with that

Q: “Metallic Taste” has received positive feedback and resonated with listeners. How does it feel to see your music connecting with people on such a deep level and what kind of response have you received from your audience?

A: A: It makes me extremely happy. The positive feedback encourages and motivates me to continue. But honestly I have no idea what the real impact was on “Metallic taste”. I am an independent artist, I manage everything and I do not always have access to certain data or statistics accessible by labels and managers . I do things on my own scale and it slows me down . I am French and the choice to sing in English in France did not necessarily please , so I have to go alone . On the other hand, the international media have been very receptive and I am very grateful to them , which is why I continue to work with them . I get a lot of positive comments , people like but don’t necessarily put comments or ” I like” . I know that some internationals radio stations broadcast my titles but I don’t know the results.

Q: Looking ahead, what do you hope listeners take away from “Metallic Taste” and what can we expect from you in terms of future releases or projects?

A: If people define me as a committed artist, it’s a recognition for me and a real fulfillment .If I have managed to convey my emotions, I am satisfied. I dream of stage and hope that my second music video will help me find a manager who believes in my music. My new song “I promised” is available since April 12, 2023 . I am eager to know your opinion . I leave you the surprise and let you discover.