A conversation with Bromsen about “WE!”

Q: Hi guys! Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the song “We!” by Bromsen?

A: The inspiration for this song is our own friendship, which has taken us through quite some low blows in life.

Q: What is the central theme or message conveyed in the lyrics of “We!”?

A: The song celebrates the power of friendship and the importance of such genuine connections. It is invaluable to have a close group of friends who will always stand by you through good times and bad.

Q: How would you describe the musical style or genre of “We!”?

A: EDM Rock

Q: What was the creative process like in developing and producing the song?

Karlo: When I created the basic framework of the song it was a pure rock song, without electronic elements and some sort of Nirvana spirit. We always loved it and thought it has high potential. Richard then re-arranged the whole song into an electronic beat driven rock anthem, which gave the song a very unique blend.

Q: Are there any specific instruments or sounds that were prominent in the song?

A: Yes, it is actually also a song about the friendship of synthesizers and rock guitars

Q: What emotions or feelings do you hope listeners experience when they hear “We!”?

A: The song works like a journey – the verse explores feelings you might have, when you’ve just managed to get out of a low, so it is all kind of fragile – then your strength grows from the pre-chorus to the chorus and finally to the shout out “We!” middle section which is the culmination point of the song – a celebration of the power, true friendship can give.

Q: Can you share any interesting anecdotes or stories from the recording or writing sessions of “We!”?

A: The song had different lyrics in the original pure rock version, which was named “the plant” and it was about a plant growing higher and higher . The new lyrics have then been created based on the newly arranged electronic version.

Q: How do you think “We!” stands out from other songs in your discography?

A: For us each song is equal important and has its own character. We! is probably having more rock elements than our other songs and it has a very direct connection to the 2 of us, so it also kind of sets the scene for our upcoming album “Brothers in Mind”. We! has also connected us with our label “Epictronic”, so that element makes it a very special song for us as well.

Q: Are there any particular artists or musical influences that inspired the sound of “We!”?

A: Yes, as mentioned Nirvana. And then there was another one> One evening our studio door rang and there was this crazy green guy standing outside – it was lefty, the salesman! He offered us a choco snack went inside and said “Guys! You need to make a song called “We!” and it needs to start with a synthesizer intro like that….He was very energetic and guided us through all the sections of the song and then suddenly the door rang again. We went to see who it was and it was the cookie monster looking after lefty!! Lefty and the cookie monster left to watch a film and we never saw them again but it was definitely an evening to remember and another source of inspiration for us.

Q: What has been the audience’s response to “We!” so far, and how does that make you feel as an artist?

A: A lot of positive reactions/reviews which makes us quite happy. On the other side we are still waiting to crash the charts….:)! Interestingly We! has been well received from very different groups like rock fans and EDM fans.