Paulina – carousel habits

“Carousel Habits” by Paulina is a standout track from her debut EP, ‘The Show Goes On’. The song is a testament to Paulina’s unique blend of electro-pop, showcasing her ability to create lively and glittery beats that are both relatable and danceable. The song’s lyrics are a journey through the emotional rollercoaster of life, encapsulating themes of love, pain, and desire. The storytelling in “Carousel Habits” is both empowering and relatable, making it a song that resonates with listeners on a personal level. Paulina’s vocals are glistening and melodious, adding a layer of depth to the song that is both captivating and enchanting. The production, done by her longtime friend Sam Merkin, is polished and well-balanced, allowing Paulina’s vocals to shine through. Overall, “Carousel Habits” is a testament to Paulina’s talent as a songwriter and performer, making it a must-listen for any electro-pop music fan.