Imagine it now. The blinding multi-coloured lasers bouncing and reflecting off the dancefloor, beads of sweat forming on your temples from the sweltering heat and Mondingo’s latest vibrant single “Starlight” sending shockwaves through your body. Mixing and blending unique and classic rhythms, Mondingo launches us into an electronic soundscape for his new record, where his melancholic voice and heady bass lines shine through. Sitting in between alt-pop and electronic house, the multi-instrumentalist carves out his own sound as he dives into a hazy landscape filled with shimmering synths and oscillating melodies

“To me, ‘Starlight’ is about self-reflection,” Mondingo reveals. “Searching and finding. Standing still, analysing, realising and evolving. Accepting and letting go of things, characteristics and feelings.”Having dropped a plethora of self-releases over the years, the Belgian-hailed producer has retreated to the idyllic Ardennes mountains to his own creative studio and collective, Durbuy Music. We hope more music from the producer is on the way as we need more club music to get us ready for summer.Check out the single below…