Gifting us with the final gem of her upcoming debut EP is 23-year-old singer-songwriter Marie Noreger with “Bullshit in Disguise”.

Combining poetic penmanship with an air of signature nonchalance, the Norwegian artist is crafting a soundscape like no other. Brimming with soulful vocals and finely tuned lyricism, “Bullshit in Disguise” encourages the listener to open their eyes to the superficialities of society and reminds us to not be swayed by the fake or fooled by the phony. In other words, we’re marching into 2021 with the real ones only.

“I have a lot of emotions I haven’t processed properly, and they come out through the music,” said Noreger, on what motivates her as a songwriter. “I write a lot about what it’s like to be human in the society we live in, and how it feels to be around other people.”

Growing up in a house full of creatives – a puppet maker, a photographer, and a painter, to be exact – it’s no surprise Noreger ended up as not only a musical storyteller but also a freelance photographer. From the artwork to the self-produced music videos, her debut EP promises to be a stunning collation of each of her creative outlets. We can hardly wait.

Check out the song below…

Marie Noreger · Bullshit in Disguise