Teasing us with the lead single of his upcoming debut LP is Philadelphia’s singer-songwriter Jared Feinman with “Inside a Reverie”. Fusing theatrical orchestration with lyrical vulnerability, this latest offering takes us on a devastating journey of love and loss.

Sweeping strings and dramatic piano keys build to a mournful chorus, in which the singer opens up about what it’s like to lose yourself in the pain of heartbreak. “I wrote this in a fragile place,” Feinman divulged.

Directed and filmed by his close friend Tommy Czerpak, the intimate music video transports us into the singer’s home. Its cinematic visuals consist of parred-back clips which are spliced to the rhythm of the powerful instrumental. “We created something dark and haunting. A bad daydream,” said Feinman. “There are two sides to this song: one is a devastating aftermath of a tough breakup, and the other is me finding my voice. I haven’t found it yet, but I’ll be searching until the day I pass. Filmed at my home in isolation, we used the tools at our disposal to make art.”

While he might be new to the scene, 28-year-old Jared is no musical novice. His journey as an artist began over two decades ago, when he first began playing classical keys as a child. And although he made a slight diversion – stopping off at business school on the way – it wasn’t long before the artist got back on track, realising that music was the only path for him. With his twelve-piece debut LP Love Is An Obstacle due for imminent release, we’ve no doubt that Feinman’s about to join the list of famous college dropouts who made it.

Check out the music video below…