La Faute – “Watercolours”

La Faute is back on the blog with “Watercolours,” a beautifully crafted song that manages to capture the essence of love through the analogy of watercolours. The sparse arrangement of the track allows each instrument to shine, creating a gorgeous soundscape that feels almost like a bossa nova.

The tapping, percussive rhythm slowly gives the song a groove, while the bass pushes it along at a slow but steady pace. The piano and guitar fill in the spaces beautifully, each giving their own texture. The breathy and sultry vocal is the perfect match for the mood of the song, providing a sensual and intimate feel to the lyrics. The backing vocals are used perfectly, adding an airy quality to the song at just the right moments.

The lyrics are where “Watercolours” truly shines. The use of the art form to describe love is both original and insightful. The message is clear: love is something that is impossible to control and can be messy, but the beauty lies in the unexpected surprises that arise along the way. The imagery is vivid and evocative, and the emotions that the song conjures are universal.

About the track, La Faute adds: “In the song writing I was thinking about big, small, outside, inside points of view. I was picturing water on windowpanes, tears on cheeks, the rhythm of windshield wipers while driving in the rain. I was thinking about the main character of the song, the narrator, as a little sinister, is this song about love or is it unhealthy, unrequited obsession? I wonder if that feeling of infatuation bordering on obsession rings a bell with anyone. I wanted to teeter between a feeling of longing and a little bit of darkness.”