Brittain Ashford – “Could’ve Done You Better”

Brooklyn-based Brittain Ashford has taken some time away from performing on Broadway to record some future hit songs, one of which is “Could’ve Done You Better.” And though it’s quite possible that you’ve already heard her music floating around the airwaves, whether on MTV’s Catfished or HBO’s Search Party, we are still taking it upon ourselves to tell you just how fantastic this new track actually is.

Could’ve Done You Better” opens with the vibey strum of a guitar that rides the wave of a synth pad. A distant kick drum begins with Ashford’s soft vocal, comfortingly reminiscent of Sharon Van Etten and Adrianne Lenker– the gold standards of the genre, as far as we’re concerned (to be quite honest, we were hoping for Van Etten vibes as soon as we saw the song’s title). At this point, her voice is up close and personal, melodious and intimate. Moments later, all of this changes as the production lifts and there is suddenly so much power and emotion in her vocal that if you are not instantly consumed by this performance, you are likely emotionless and/or have never faced the agony of reflecting upon past mistakes.

With the arrival of the second verse comes the vocal harmonies and we are completely over the f’ing moon for these things. The song was great before, but once you hear these, you will understand why this song deserves a permanent spot in your road trip playlist– perfect for any distance, whether driving across the country to profess your undying love to an ex or simply stepping out for a snack. And if you practice some patience, you shall be rewarded with a tasteful and genre-appropriate guitar lead, as well as an ending that takes all of these lovely vocal elements and layers them on top of each other. This track is coming in hot, folks– and highly recommended by your friends and acquaintances at UpToHear.