Kate Lomas – “Say It”

Kate Lomas has returned with her brand-new single, titled “Say It,” and it completely oozes warming indie-pop vibes. The music embraces a pleasant simplicity and the vocal is superb.

The song’s bass line coolly propels the song forward, while the drums’ lo-fi vibe establishes a strong foundation. The track is made warmer and airier by the analogue synths that bad the song. This also give the arrangement a great dreamy quality. The song is nicely punctuated on the beat in the odd place by piano. These instrumental choices work seamlessly together, creating a song that has great indie-pop appeal.

The song’s ambience is heightened by the vocals of Kate, which are simply fantastic. The singing is light and glides over the tune. The song, ”Say It,” is a representation of the Kate’s experience of feeling lost and restless when moving about without truly feeling at home. The sense of having so much love and warmth inside of you, but nowhere to channel it, is beautifully expressed in the song’s lyrics.

Overall, “Say It” is a captivating indie-pop gem that showcases Kate Lomas’s talent as a songwriter and her ability to create a beautiful sonic space with her music.