Hand-Picked: Mim’s Kay / Dhruv Angrish / ArchiPol / Smoky Ghosts of Big Trees / Wuzy Bambussy / Friend of a Friend / Moon Maison / Cyril Brière

Weekly, we share our Hand-Picked gems that deserve your full attention.

Poupée (Je ne suis pas) by Mim’s Kay

Tonight by Dhruv Angrish

Qu’il était beau le naturel by ArchiPol

Sasquatch in Your Super 8 by Smoky Ghosts of Big Trees

Just Shy of Why by Wuzy Bambussy

ALWAYS ON TIME by Friend of a Friend

Miss Moon (Lucid Dream) by Moon Maison

Dans l’été indien Feat. Michael WooKey (The blue mix) by Cyril Brière