Danika – “FYA”

Trauma sucks… And the host of mental health issues it carries with it can go straight to hell. However, art can oftentimes be that tiny bead of light that pokes through the brick wall at the end of any traumatic tunnel. And in that light, we will find artists like Danika and her latest track “FYA.”

We did not read Danika’s notes on the subject matter until we had already listened to “FYA” a few times, so we are pleased to inform you that the track stands on its own as far as craft is concerned. Listeners will immediately notice the rawness of the performance and the honest emotion in Danika’s voice– which is always on point. The song is good before you really understand how good it actually is, if that makes sense. Even looking at the track’s spectrogram, you can see that this is going to be a fairly turbulent experience.