Bo Milli – “Good Kid”

22-year-old Bo Milli (a deconstruction of her birth name, Emilie Østebø), from Bergen, Norway, has just release “Good Kid.” The song is a compelling exploration of her role in the fight against a climate disaster while questioning the standards set by earlier generations.

Good Kid“ is a fantastic track that showcases a strong ‘90s influence in its sound. It opens with an unusual sound and tape effect, setting a unique tone for the track. It catches your attention to listen to the first verse. The relaxed drums and bass create a great foundation. The bass line is, for me, particularly noteworthy, with a very lovely tone and a cool, easy feel to its playing. For me, the stand out feature is the clean electric guitar and overdriven guitar choices.

The heavier guitar tones in the chorus provide a nice contrast and give the song a powerful and dynamic feel. The tambourine adds a nice swagger, and the mellow pad in the second verse adds a nice touch. Bo Milli’s voice is really beautiful and the backing vocal arrangements she has made really highlight this. The instrumentation in the quieter sections of the song were good to listen to, giving the bass and drums another moment to shine. Overall, “Good Kid” is an uplifting and dreamy track, with great instrumentation, despite the serious message underneath. For me, though, that powerful chorus was the icing on the cake. This is good work.