Christine Tarquinio – “Silhouette” EP

Christine Tarquinio, a Melbourne-based singer-songwriter, has recently released her latest EP, “Silhouette” produced by Joshua Hennessy of Pivotal Music Melbourne. The five-track EP takes listeners on an intimate journey through Christine’s personal experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing solace, solidarity, and contemplation during both joyful and challenging moments of humanity’s history. The EP beautifully weaves together stories of highs and lows, presenting a sense of solidarity and connection in both joyous and challenging moments. The songs invite listeners to reflect on their own unique encounters with the extraordinary events that unfolded recently, offering a space for introspection and exploration.

Christine Tarquinio’s EP showcases her array of emotions and experiences, offering listeners worldwide an immersive musical journey. Her soothing yet powerful vocals present so much emotion in her lyrics, accompanied by smoothly laid-out instrumentals. The EP is perfect for those who still feel the emotions provoked by the world during recent uncertain times. The EP’s tracks are written during the pandemic peak as well as more reflective pieces written post-epidemic.

Christine Tarquinio’s EP “Silhouette” is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates heartfelt and soulful music. Her artistry serves as an important reminder that we are all connected in some way. The EP is available on Spotify.