Chris Perkins – “Meant To Be” EP

California-based artist Chris Perkins has recently released his latest EP, “Meant To Be,” a captivating musical journey that tells the story of a relationship through defining moments. The EP, which was released on May 5, 2023, under Blue Cloud Records, consists of four songs with a total runtime of 14 minutes. Chris’ self-contained project delves into various genres, combining singing and rapping to convey personal experiences, musical growth, and the complexities of love.

Chris Perkins’ artistic journey began when he saw his sister perform at a music showcase, which planted the seeds of a lifelong passion. He started playing the guitar at a young age and eventually became a ‘one-man band,’ learning to play different instruments. Such dedication led him to begin producing, writing, and releasing his own work in 2018, fully embracing the DIY philosophy.

The “Meant To Be” EP features heartfelt lyrics inspired by Chris’ girlfriend, who served as a source of inspiration during the creation of the project. This personal touch adds an authentic and relatable element to the EP, further connecting listeners to the emotional depth of the music. The EP is a testament to Chris Perkins’ growth as an artist and storyteller.

The EP opens with “Pineapple,” a track that showcases the artist’s ability to blend hip-hop and jazz-inspired vibes. Other songs on the EP include “Champagne Kisses,” “Thinkin Bout You” featuring KooyaBeats. As listeners embark on the musical journey presented in “Meant To Be,” they will encounter the highs and lows of love, the nostalgia of cherished memories, and the internal struggle to find one’s place in the world.

Chris Perkins’ “Meant To Be” EP is a captivating and emotional exploration of love and personal growth. With its genre-blending sound and heartfelt lyrics, the EP showcases Perkins’ versatility and talent as an artist. Be sure to give it a listen and join Chris Perkins on this musical journey.