A conversation with Rora Wilde about “sorry”

Q: Hi! What was the inspiration behind the song “Sorry”?

A: I wrote “Sorry” about my lying, cheating and stealing ex boyfriend from years ago. He cheated on me in my own bed multiple times in the apt we shared and left me stranded with a number of bills I couldn’t pay off for months. It started off as a long text I wrote intending to send directly to him but I never did. And here we are, sorry. 

Q: How would you describe the overall mood or atmosphere of “Sorry”?

A: Jazzy, honest, kinda dark, very funny. 

Q: Can you give us a glimpse into the lyrical themes explored in the song?

A: The three verses of the song express the most significant stages of grief I went through. The first verse is about acceptance. The second was my anger and resentment. The third version was my peace, my goodbye, and moving on. 

Q: What was the most memorable moment or experience during the recording of “Sorry”?

A: I had never intended on releasing this record. I wrote it purely for myself and my healing, but ended up playing it at a show to fill time. It became my most requested song by my audience so I decided to release it. 

Q: How did you approach the musical arrangement and production to create the unique sound of “Sorry”?

A: I wrote the song to a random piano sample & beat I made then brought my demo to my producer Brian Gross. My vision was to make this “diss track” into a very smooth jazz inspired rnb track and he absolutely made that vision come to life. 

Q: What message or emotions do you hope listeners will take away from the song?

A: I’d want someone who went through what I did to gain a new perspective on betrayal. I took it all so personally when it first happened. I thought it was all my fault. But when I realized the way people treat you is a reflection of how they feel about themselves, I set a lot of my heartache free. 

Q: Did you face any challenges while writing or recording “Sorry”? How did you overcome them?

A: Recording vocals was difficult for me. Ironically enough, it was hard to go back to those early stages of grief behind the mic to really bring out the emotion that I felt. I was in such a dark place then. I blamed myself for so long. Which is why I never wanted to release the song to begin with. Then I thought my story could help someone who’s blaming themselves like I did. 

Q: Are there any particular musical influences or artists that inspired the sound of “Sorry”?

A: Erykah Badu’s “Tyrone”. Amy Winehouse’s album “Frank”. 

Q: What aspect of “Sorry” do you feel sets it apart from your other songs?

A: My other songs that are more concept driven. Inspired by fleeting moments I’ve experienced, tying into a broader truth that someone could find a piece of themselves in. This song is not that song. This is a diss track. Every word of it is true and about that one dude. 

Q: How has the audience response been to “Sorry” so far, and how does that make you feel as an artist?

A: It’s definitely the most vulnerable I’ve ever gotten in my work. It’s inspiring me to show my heart a little more.