A conversation with Dorian about “33”

Q: Hi! What inspired the title “33” for this EP?

A: Hi there! “33” simply is a way to mark where I am currently in my life at the age that I am. I wanted to play with the theme “3”, so I tried to deliver 3 very different, but personal songs.

Q: How did you approach songwriting for this project compared to your previous work?

A: I took my time with these 3 songs. It was easier to give each songs its proper TLC with a project so short. I really took my time ensuring each song felt and conveyed exactly what I wanted it to. 

Q: Can you talk about the biggest challenge you faced during the production process of “33”?

A: As always, life happens! I faced more losses in my family recently, which affected me greatly. Also being independent can be great, but it is extremely costly.

It can be difficult trying to manage it all. It’s definitely been a learning experience! 

Q: What is the story behind the single “Notice Me”?

A: Notice Me is about wanting someone you are distant with currently to know that you love them. It talks about the hopes of them atleast seeing you from afar and being noticed. It’s a personal song and it was an emotional experience writing and recording the song. 

I still want to record a video for the record! 

Q: How does this EP showcase your growth as an artist?

A: I took risks with this project. Sonically I tried new sounds. Vocally I pushed myself into different spaces and moods. I really tried to show versatility a different way with “33”. 

Q: What message or feeling do you hope listeners take away from “33”?

A: I hope that they really get a piece of my heart, my story, and my belief in love from this project. Love is a powerful force and I always try to create from a place of love. These songs showcase that in different ways and I just hope it connects with people. 

Q: Did you draw inspiration from any specific artists or musical genres while creating this EP?

A: I think I took inspiration from some of the sounds that are hot at the moment such as drill and dance music. I felt like adding the energy of what’s  “in” at the moment can really help mark a moment in time; which is the entire theme of “33”. At the same time however, I wanted to make the songs unique to me and deliver them in way that I felt was timeless and soulful. 

Q: What was your favorite track to write and record on “33” and why?

A: That’s hard because I really want to say them all for different reasons. But because “Notice Me” is truly the most emotional and heartfelt song lyrically, I’d have to say that song. I remember recording the song and the engineer stating that I had captured some “lightning in a bottle” moments with the song vocally. I appreciated that and got what he meant!!

Q: What can fans expect from your live performances in support of this EP?

A: I have some performances of songs from this EP on my YouTube and social media so please check it out! I will performing songs from this EP and other projects throughout the next several months so I’m excited about that. Please be on the lookout! 

Q: What’s next for you after the release of “33”?

A: I am already working on another project! While I am in the beginning stages, I really really am excited about it because I can feel myself taking things to the next level. 

I’m going to keep performing and releasing content for all my supporters! I also have a Podcast that I co-host with my good friend Jeriel Harvey called “Embracing Your Love Marks”. Check that out on Spotify, it has been amazing so far! There’s so much more to come because I’m not stopping anytime soon!