A conversation with Hello London about “Past Futures”

Q: Hi! What was the inspiration behind the concept of “Past Futures”?

A: Past Futures is a collection of songs I wrote and recorded in 2022. The title is in reference to the idea of repeating the past in the future. The idea of history repeating itself. Rock and pop songs have dealt with the same subject material since the beginning, in my opinion. I felt like my songs were in line with those basic ideas.

Q: How did you approach the songwriting process for this album?

A: Sometimes the song would start as a vocal melody and sometimes the song would come to me while I was playing guitar. From there I would record the basic rhythm guitar and build on that. I tried to improve my songwriting with every song. Mostly the songs are relatively simple in structure, with the focus being on writing a good pop song, but there were times where I tried to stretch myself creatively.

Q: What was the most challenging part of creating this album?

A: The recording process was a challenge for me as I recorded everything at home and mixed half of the songs myself. I’m still pretty new to that so it was a challenge but I enjoy the learning process.

Q: Are there any particular tracks on the album that hold a special meaning for you? If so, which ones and why?

A: The Brink is a song about overcoming challenges in life and in doing so improving the quality of your life. I think it’s a little bit inspired by the power of thought ideology. Another Day is a meaningful song to me because it encapsulates a feeling that I experience often. The feeling of living the same day on repeat, working in a dreary side of town. It’s a workingman’s song. Lucid deals with the subject of determinism which is something I’ve thought about a lot. Stolen Words is about writing songs again after taking years off from it, so I think there is a lot of meaning and thought on this album and I put a lot of care into the lyrics because I think the lyrics are the most important part of a song.

Q: In what ways do you feel that “Past Futures” differs from your previous work?

A: I think I went in the same direction my songs have always been in stylistically, but I just continued to build on the foundation I had before. I really think my songwriting has gotten better over time and this is the best group of songs I’ve put together.

Q: How has your sound evolved since your debut album?

A: I think I’ve learned how to structure songs and layer instruments and harmonies. Over time I’ve learned more about building a sonic landscape. I’ve also become a more confident singer and instrumentalist which I think is just something that happens as you continue to play music.

Q: Have any notable events or personal experiences influenced the creation of this album?

A: Yes. The first being getting back into songwriting after several years away from it, and the second being the everyday life of working class people in America today.

Q: What’s next for Hello London? Are there any upcoming tours or projects that you can share with us?

A: In June I’m playing a local music fest in Buffalo called Kenmore Porchfest. I’m also currently working on a new album that I hope to release this year or next.