miles from nowhere. – “A Little Bit”

A Little Bit,” by miles from nowhere., is a beautiful and introspective track about life’s losses and loves. The song’s sleepy and warm mood is perfectly complemented by the distorted and quiet vocals, creating a sense of intimacy and reflection. The odd delay on the vocal adds depth to this wonderfully stripped back song.

The slow and hypnotic guitar riff and percussion pushes the song forward on its dreamy path. The low and deep bass adds a sense of weight and grounding to the track. The panning acoustic guitar sound that fades in and out adds a subtle layer of texture and depth. The end section has a satisfying build and it was at this point it clicked that the use of the sonic pallet reminds me of Talk Talk’s later work.

The lyrics of “A Little Bit” are poignant and heartfelt, exploring the idea of losing people along the way and finding solace in the love and connections that exist in the present. The sentiment is universal and relatable. This is a beautiful track with a well thought out sonic experience. Definitely not one to miss.