With March only a week away, it has suddenly dawned on us that it has been almost a year since we’ve entered a neon-lit dancefloor and felt the thumping basslines erupt beneath our feet until 4 am. Knowing this and providing us with some nostalgic rhythms for now, is R&B pop duo DBL X-Posure with “You Know Where To Find Us”. Leading us in with a 00s-inspired R&B rhythm, the brother-duo go back and forth on the retro beat, exchanging cheeky comments and melodic flows. Outlining their tune with a Step Up worthy dance routine in their accompanying video, the duo put their dance skills to use and let you know where to find them.

Opening up on the track, the duo revealed, “With this track we want to present something energetic, powerful and as identical twins to get you confused… on the dancefloor. Free your mind and get ready to live the experience.”

Previously performing with the likes of Bizzi and Leee John, the duo are entwining their dance history with their newfound love for music. With plenty more tracks in the pipeline, the duo are making sure we’re keeping our body moving until we re-enter the clubs.

Check out the video below….