Cupid Girl – “I Drop Everything”

We are generally not the kind of blog that vibes with energetic indie pop, but there is a certain niche that an artist can hit that brings a sense of nostalgia that has been glazed in a fine sheen of modernity. Once you hear what Cupid Girl has done with “I Drop Everything,” this will make more sense.

This track is one of those rare occasions where, upon pressing play, we are suddenly nostalgic for all the best dance music that the ‘80s had to offer, while simultaneously making us grateful to live in a modern world that consists of artists like HAIM and Maggie Rogers. Cupid Girl maintains a fantastic and organic vocal performance, where many current music makers would have added too much production and obvious autotune. She delivers the lyrics in a way that might cause you to recall Florence Welch, both in talent and in the fearless portrayal of darker subject matter– “I Drop Everything” is about discovering your self worth upon leaving a toxic relationship.

Just past halfway through the track, listeners are met with the first dynamic break, consisting of some premium, vibey guitar chords beneath Cupid Girl’s stripped back, vulnerable vocals. And while you’re marveling at the talent, it works wonders with nailing the next chorus straight to the ceiling. And speaking of vibey guitar, we would be remiss not to mention the fact that part of this track’s appeal comes from the idea that a guitar is even used at all. It is not uncommon for us to find a stack of submissions that is predominantly synth and midi and while that is all well and good, there is nothing quite like hearing actual instruments played by actual human beings.