Blair Gun – “Bennet”

Blair Gun‘s new song, “Bennet,” is a grooving indie/garage rock anthem. Starting with its deep, chugging bass line, the drums quickly enter, driving the rhythm of the song, while the vocals and rhythm guitar drive its melody. The lead guitar, at first, plays unusual notes to give the song a nice quirky feel. The lead vocalist has a sweet, yet raw, folky quality to his voice that adds a distinctive and thoroughly likable texture.

As the song progresses, it grows fully into a good old-fashioned indie/garage rock anthem with an infectious chorus and “ohs” lines that are a perfect touch. The guitar solo is understated, but well-executed, matching the raw, unpolished tones of the song. Lyrically, “Bennet” tells the story of a man the lead songwriter met online who was struggling with the same fears and doubts about pursuing a career in the arts. The song speaks to the struggles and obstacles that artists face when trying to make their dreams a reality, and it does so with a raw and emotional honesty.