BED – “Blue Sweater”

BED began as a self-titled bedroom project in 2015 by frontman Ebed “bed” Moreno, but 2022 marks the year that it goes from the bedroom to the record deal and tour. At its inception, BED predominantly consisted of solo performances where Moreno would simply play along with his computer. That eventually changed when he started booking more shows, adding Axel (drums), Joel (bass), and Nathan (guitar), playing events organized by himself and other members of the Antelope Valley, CA music scene. This then led to larger gigs and the release of the new album, BED’s Self Titled, signing to Wiretap Records, and embarking on a national tour with Beach Goons (dates posted below).

While we would love to review the entire record, we were originally sent “Blue Sweater” as a single, which, upon our initial listen, almost went into the Punk Rock Saturday pile due to its first few bars; however, once that bouncy lead guitar melody appears, the vibe suddenly shifts, and after Moreno’s vocals drop in with “stop asking me if I’m alright,” the song is a different beast entirely. The underbelly of the track is hard and aggressive, but the melody is ethereal, vulnerable, and sincere. And if you’ve been reading the Punk Rock Saturday posts, you will know that we cannot say no to some well placed “whoa-oh-oh’s,” which “Blue Sweater” offers the listener at about 50 seconds deep, while simultaneously slapping us with a thick wall of sound. At 1:45, there comes a solitary, reverberating guitar before the song shifts into some double time that ultimately swings back around into the outro. “Blue Sweater” is well worth your time, so put on some headphones and take a nice, little three-minute escape from the world. You’ve earned it: