Anam Danu – “Perfect”

Anam Danu is a collaboration between Siobhan Monaghan, a vocalist and pianist with Irish roots, and Andy Dawson Reid, a UK-raised, Canadian-based songwriter with Scottish ancestry. The duo has been making awe-inspiring music since 2019, despite being divided by continents. Their shared love for classic pop tunes and a desire to create original, unusual, and innovative adult-oriented pop music has resulted in a successful partnership that continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

Anam Danu, the talented duo of Siobhan Monaghan and Andy Dawson Reid, has captivated listeners with their latest release, “Perfect”. This alternative pop number is filled with emotive soul and nostalgic longing, creating a quintessential snapshot of the duo’s unique sound. The song speaks to the universal human experience of self-doubt and self-acceptance, resonating with audiences worldwide.

Siobhan Monaghan, a vocalist and pianist, and Andy Dawson Reid, a songwriter, joined forces in 2019, combining their extensive musical backgrounds to create Anam Danu. Their shared Celtic heritage inspired the group’s name, with “Anam” meaning soul in Gaelic and “Danu” referring to the mother of the gods of Ireland. Their music has been described as soulful, powerful, and cinematic, appealing to mature audiences with its evocative and honest alternative pop sound.

“Perfect” is a re-worked and extended version of a song from their first collection, “Winds of Change”. The track features Victoria violinist Kate Rhodes, marking the first time a musician other than Siobhan or Andy has appeared on an Anam Danu recording. The song’s origins lie in the virtues of perfectionism and the realization that it is often the imperfections that truly make something perfect.

Listeners have praised “Perfect” for its powerful and moving melody, delicate vocals, and meaningful lyrics. The creative chemistry between Siobhan and Andy is evident in their music, as they continue to explore the unpredictable elements that make great songs unique. With “Perfect,” Anam Danu has gifted the world a ray of hope and happiness, reminding us that we are all perfect, no matter what.