Al Costelloe – “Badmouth”

Badmouth,” by Al Costelloe, is a heartfelt and relatable ballad that will surely resonate with listeners who have experienced a toxic breakup. The song has a timeless feel about it, musically, and the slow-paced Mazzy Star-like melody creates an introspective atmosphere. The steady, 1970s sounding beat and acoustic guitar keep the song moving forward, but the main focus here is the deep bass line and the beautiful, melancholic vocal delivery. The song is incredibly stripped back, only gaining an airy synth pad and backing vocals in the right places, which offer to lift the arrangement, almost turning the song into a cigarette lighter anthem for the heartbroken.

The lyrics are a clever and humorous take on the negative things that an ex-partner might say about you. The song is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, reminding us that we can rise above the hurtful words of others. The tongue-in-cheek delivery of the lyrics adds to the charm of the song. I want to say that “Badmouth” reminds me of Pulp, but I will let you decide: