A conversation with Darkness Is My Canvas about “Fade into the White Noise”

Q: Hi! What was the inspiration behind your new song “Fade into the White Noise”?

A: Hi and so nice that you have us!

As we have always been fond of melodic rock, we decided to try to create a classic melodic rock song. The inspiration behind Fade into the White Noise comes from 90’s power ballads such as Skid Row’s 18 And Life. So in a way, as we are normally creating long songs, we decided to control ourselves and stick to a concept where we would be under 4 and half minute structure.

Since the summer of 2022, we have been performing the song at our shows, actively seeking feedback from the audience to fine-tune the arrangement. Throughout this process, we have experimented with different intros, lyrics, guitar solos, and other elements, aiming to craft the perfect composition. However, one aspect that has remained constant and brought us great satisfaction is the chorus — a testament to the strength of its original conception.

The lyrical inspiration behind “Fade into the White Noise” revolves around the impact of mental health issues on relationships. The song explores how continuous feelings of sadness and despair can affect one’s ability to reciprocate love and support. This theme highlights the challenges faced when struggling with mental health and the toll it can take on interpersonal connections.

While we typically prefer not to provide explicit explanations for the lyrical content, it’s evident that we aim to convey stories that hold personal relevance and significance. By sharing experiences that resonate with you and those close to you, you create a space for listeners to connect with the emotions and narratives within the song. This approach allows for diverse interpretations, enabling each individual to find their own meaning and connection to the music.

By touching on the complex dynamics of mental health and relationships, we contribute to a broader conversation and provide a relatable perspective for listeners. Our commitment to storytelling and addressing important themes within our music is commendable and adds depth to our artistic expression.

Q: How does “Fade into the White Noise” fit into the overall theme of your new EP?

A: The upcoming EP is very tightly themed to mental health issues – our first EP was from the same storyboard in a way also. So “Fade into the White Noise” as other songs in the EP are telling dark stories, but we also push hope to our songs. Musically we don’t strict ourselves in genre boxes but approach songs as individual beings that define their genre by their existence. From the EP you will find that also, “Fade into the White Noise” is really melodic with the banger-ish chorus, Drown (a cover from Bring Me The Horizon) gives a bit of taste of danger, Washed Away is musically also a very melodic (and short) song, Inverted is epic progressive rock with cinematic feel (over 9 minutes long song with long guitar solos and orchestrations) and our shortened version (live-version) of our song Salvation from the first EP. What we are trying to say here, we have very distinctive sounds in all our songs, you know, that you listen to us, but at the same time, we like to tease people with different styles and odd time counts and different structures.

One aspect that remains paramount in our music is the emphasis on melody. Regardless of the lyrical themes or tone of the songs, we prioritize creating memorable and captivating melodies. While our first two EPs leaned towards a darker atmosphere, we anticipate that our third EP may delve even deeper into that realm, while still offering glimpses of hope. In this pursuit, we are exploring the incorporation of soothing tones and flavors into our songs.

By infusing our music with elements that provide a sense of solace or comfort, we aim to strike a balance between darkness and light. This approach adds texture and depth to our compositions, allowing listeners to experience a range of emotions within the melodies themselves.

As we continue to evolve as musicians and storytellers, our commitment to maintaining a strong melodic foundation ensures that our music remains engaging and resonant. Whether exploring darker themes or infusing elements of hope, our focus on crafting compelling melodies serves as a guiding principle throughout our artistic journey.

Q: Can you walk us through the creative process behind the song?

A: Usually we jam some riffs or melodies – either Panu (lead guitars) or Pete (vocals & guitar) has some ideas already. Then we set the “tone” of the song and often try multiple variations until it feels “right”. At the very beginning of the pre-production phase, the songs have so-called placeholder lyrics that might contain some keywords or sentences from the finalized lyrical contribution. After pre-production (guitar, bass, drum loops, some demo vocals) we are starting the actual work. In the production phase, we test different approaches in the song (keyboards, orchestration, piano, multiple guitars) and when we are almost certain that the structure is 90% sure, we call someone of our drummer friends – Mikko or Kai – to play the final drums.

In studio sessions, we use different drummers than in the live setup. We have been working with same-session drummers for the last decade. Mikko and Kai know exactly our style and expectations and it makes drum recording one of the easiest parts in the production. After drums have been recorded, Panu usually creates a foundation of the actual arrangement. So Pete usually sings his final vocals in a very late phase, just before mixing – he keeps working with lyrics until the final moment. Of course, we sometimes have difficulties reaching the level that we have imagined reaching on some songs – there are a few songs that we have written maybe 5-6 times completely from the start. We are very focused, that each and every of our songs has to be on that quality level, that we can be proud of – that every note, word, and chant are exactly how we want them to be. So in a way, a very project management-oriented way is needed to get what we want, but sometimes the original version (ukulele & vocals, acoustic guitar & vocals) has already reached the “thing”that we record maybe 6 months later. We are using a lot of different instruments when the creative part is going, sometimes we use the bass guitar as a main composition instrument. So, yes, a very tough way of doing songs.

Q: What message do you hope to convey with the lyrics of the song?

A: As mentioned previously, “Fade into the White Noise” tells the story of a relationship teetering on the edge of its end. The narrator finds themselves in a challenging phase of life, and through the song, they attempt to articulate their emotional state while recognizing the need to take action. The underlying message in the song is a powerful one — it conveys that even in the darkest moments or during difficult times, there is always room for hope. It urges listeners to find their voice, express their emotions, and embrace honesty as a means of navigating through hardships.

Capturing the essence of this story is our utmost priority. We endeavor to ensure that the message resonates with our audience, conveying the importance of never giving up hope and encouraging open communication. When performing “Fade into the White Noise,” our singer Pete brings a heightened sense of emotion to the stage, further emphasizing the raw and vulnerable nature of the song.

Through our music and Pete’s passionate delivery, we aim to convey the power of speaking up, sharing our feelings, and remaining steadfast in the face of adversity. We hope that by telling this story, we can provide solace, encouragement, and a sense of connection to those who may be going through similar experiences.

Q: How does “Fade into the White Noise” differ from your previous works?

A: In a way, it’s more straightforward and hopefully a bit easier to approach for the first time listeners. We cut all the usual toppings from it and cut the song to be around 4 minutes – that way we hope that more and more people are able to listen to it completely. Usually, our songs are 2-3 minutes longer, but this time we decided to be more open in the eyes of the audience. Song has our trademark chorus (sing-a-long) and very trademark dynamics, so it really doesn’t differ that much from our other material, but we were simpler this time. At the same time, we recognize the fact that we are still developing as musicians and songwriters, we weren’t bad before, but we are reaching a new level now with our melodies and tightness.

Q: What was the biggest challenge in creating this song?

A: The final arrangement of our song “White Noise” has been a meticulous and iterative process. We dedicated ourselves to exploring various possibilities and experimenting with different elements. Throughout this journey, we tested and incorporated at least three different intros, three distinct C-parts, two diverse outros, and four unique verses. Each iteration featured entirely different chord progressions and melodic structures.

Even the lyrics underwent their own evolution. During our initial performance of the song, we hadn’t finalized the second verse, leading us to repeat the first verse’s lyrics. However, we continuously refined and developed the story we wanted to tell, consciously choosing to move away from a darker tone.

Despite the challenges and struggles we faced along the way, we have finally reached a point where we are immensely satisfied with the song. This is precisely why “White Noise” was chosen as the opening single for our upcoming EP. In fact, the EP itself is closely connected to the song, as its name is derived from “White Noise.” This title holds significant meaning and embodies the essence of the project as a whole.

We are thrilled to share the culmination of our efforts with our fans, and we hope that the depth and artistry behind “White Noise” resonate with them in a profound way.

Q: Can we expect a music video for “Fade into the White Noise”?

A: Currently, we have been engaged in discussions with a couple of video artists regarding the creation of a music video. However, we have not reached a final agreement yet. As we are actively touring, our available time for the creative process surrounding the videos is quite limited. Therefore, we all need to exercise some patience for the time being.

While our label is understandably eager for us to produce a video, we are committed to ensuring that the end result is of the highest quality. Thus, we are focusing on developing an excellent storyboard before moving forward. We are also concurrently working on another music video for our EP, which will likely be released after the actual single.

Take comfort, we do have plans to release a video for “Fade into the White Noise”. However, it is probable that the earliest release date for the video will be in August. We appreciate the enthusiasm surrounding the video’s release and ask for understanding as we strive to deliver a visually compelling and impactful experience to our fans.

Q: What’s been the most memorable moment in your music career thus far?

A: Pete: “I think mine is the first time -thing. Own song for first time playing on national radio. My first gig as a teen – many many years ago – with a different band. First fans – also many years ago. But I want to believe that the most memorable moment is coming with Darkness Is My Canvas – is it a first European Tour or First Single on the charts, or is it something else? Don’t know, but I’m very sure that if you ask that question in two years’ time it’ll be something related to this band.”

Panu: “I was asked to compose, play and record a progressive rock song in front of TV cameras for the biggest national TV channel from an idea that the journalist whisted to me. The result was actually a good song!”

Q: How do you see your sound evolving in the future?

A: As musicians, we believe in the continuous development of our skills and creativity. With each passing day, we strive to improve as individuals and as a band. Our compositions are constantly evolving, and we are constantly expanding our understanding of our own capabilities. Our ultimate goal is to become increasingly relevant to a larger audience in the future.

We firmly believe that our sound will naturally evolve alongside our personal growth and musical knowledge. Looking ahead 2-3 years from now, we will undoubtedly take pride in the work we are currently producing. However, we are confident that our artistic expression will have developed even further by then.

In the near future, we anticipate reaching new heights with our songs. While we identify as a rock band, we are not bound by any particular genre. Instead, we are eager to experiment with different styles and approaches. We want to ensure that each song we create is delivered in a way that best suits its unique needs. This mindset opens up exciting possibilities, allowing us to flirt with electro sounds, acoustic elements, and various other musical influences. Embracing this creative freedom keeps our journey as a band incredibly interesting and fulfilling.

Q: What can fans expect from Darkness Is My Canvas in the upcoming year?

A: In our home market of Finland, we have been fortunate to have numerous gigs scheduled. In fact, we have decided to extend our existing tour into the autumn season. This means that we will be performing approximately 35 gigs before the end of the year. Additionally, we are currently in discussions regarding a potential supporter slot for a larger band’s European tour, covering countries such as France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. However, the details surrounding this opportunity are still uncertain, so we cannot provide any definitive information at this time.

Our ultimate goal is to embark on a tour across Europe by the latest in 2024. However, the financial risks associated with such an endeavor, given the high expenses involved, present challenges for an emerging band like ours.

In terms of our music releases, there are several exciting developments on the horizon. We will be releasing our next single, a cover of Bring Me The Horizon’s “Drown,” on May 26th. Following that, our EP titled “White Noise” is set to be released either in late June or early July. It is highly likely that the third single from the EP will be the song “Washed Away.”

Furthermore, we are currently in discussions with our label regarding the possibility of releasing another EP later this year or aiming for a full album early next year. As it stands, we are leaning towards the idea of releasing a third EP around October or November.

Moreover, our lead singer Pete is planning to release some solo material later this year. While he hasn’t set a specific date for his own EP, it will feature soft rock songs in Finnish. Additionally, Panu, our band member, is involved in another active project called Tyrmä, a black metal band, which will also have upcoming releases. We are committed to keeping ourselves busy with Darkness Is My Canvas, while also actively pursuing our respective side projects.

Overall, we are dedicated to a multitude of musical endeavors, including live performances, new releases, and individual projects, ensuring that we remain engaged and creatively fulfilled as a band.