With the weekend now becoming a distant memory, we’re looking for anything to comfort us this week, and Dela Kay has the answer with her new single “The Worst Part”. Undergoing her own transformation, the single is the first taste of a darker sound that moves on from the idyllic symphonies of her previous release “Think About You”. During “The Worst Part”, Dela reflects on her own vices and vulnerabilities following the end of a string of toxic relationships under a collection of uplifting electronic beats and succulent vocals. The music video shows Dela singing to herself while a sped up universe carries on around her, conveying the tracks final message that no matter how many times you’ve been burned in the past the world moves on — and so should you.

Discussing what sparked her new sound, Dela explains, “It wasn’t until the Covid pandemic hit at the beginning of 2020 that I realised as much as I love deep house/ dance-pop, I felt called to dive deeper into my roots. I’m very excited to now have the world see the new, rebranded Dela Kay. My new music is more alternative-pop, it’s energetic, vibey yet sincere at its core.”

Looking to explore herself more within her music, Dela’s sound promises to be more relatable than ever — bonding herself and her fans on a much deeper level.