A conversation with THEHERO about “THEHERO”

Q: Hi! What was the inspiration behind your new song “Let Your Lover Go”?

A: Being an anxious introvert, I wanted to write something that was from the complete opposite end of that spectrum. It’s overconfidence – but because it’s nothing like how I am in real life, it was a fun challenge and I didn’t take it too seriously.

Q: How did you go about writing the lyrics for this song?

A: I wanted to write the most egotistical situation I could think of. The lyrics are partly based around drawing comparisons to Romeo and Juliet and how unlikely that level of love is achievable. The overconfident character basically highlights this to someone who’s already in a relationship in an effort to break them up. It’s entirely fictional but there are probably people out there who are like this!

Q: Did you face any challenges while composing the melody for “Let Your Lover Go”?

A: The melody is dissonant and razor sharp against the chords by design so that the listener knows this character is not meant to be seen as a nice guy. It dances around several riffs which change how they weave together every time to keep adding to the momentum of the song.

Q: Do you have any favorite lines or parts in the song that are particularly special to you?

A: I’ve heard it that many times now it drives me crazy, but I love that over-the-top euphoric choral effect when the backing vocals come in during the second pre-chorus!

Q: What kind of message do you want listeners to take away from your new song?

A: Don’t be cocky. It just makes you look stupid.

Q: How does “Let Your Lover Go” fit in with the themes and styles of your previous music?

A: My previous song ‘Black Heart Woman’ was about warning a friend of being sucked into a dangerous relationship. I suppose thematically ‘Let Your Lover Go’ is about the initiation of another dangerous relationship or another way of trying to prevent one, depending on who’s side your on!

Q: Could you describe your journey as an artist and how you’ve seen your music evolve over time?

A: As THEHERO, I started by writing songs that were more riff-based to highlight my guitar ability and just force the vocals out however I could because of the lack of confidence. Over time I’d say that’s now turned on its head and I try to evoke as good as a performance I can with my voice and write something deeper and more meaningful.

Q: What have been some of the biggest highlights of your career so far?

A: It’s great to hear people tell me how much they like my song and I don’t even know who they are, so I know they’re not saying it just for effect!

Q: Are there any particular artists or musicians that have had a major influence on your music?

A: Queen is considered the bible for me in terms of songwriting and musicality. I aspire to achieve their level of success and ability, which is a monumental task!

Q: Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring artists who are looking to make it in the music industry?

A: As someone who’s spent most of their life shy and anxious all the time, just make whatever music you can make. Don’t worry about making a bad song because everybody does and when you do, you have a better understanding of your craft the next time around.